Year Name Team Awarded From Position
2019 Anthony Potthoff 1st IHSBCA P
2nd IPSWA Util
Brett Berg 2nd IHSBCA 1B
2nd IPSWA 1B
Jacob Blomgren 3rd IPSWA OF
2018 JJ Durflinger 1st IHSBCA OF
Anthony Potthoff 2nd IHSBCA P
Mitch Pomeroy 2nd IHSBCA 2B
2nd IPSWA 2B
2017 Anthony Lowman 2nd INA Inf.
2016 Zach Forret 2nd INA 1B
Jake Koch 2nd IHSBCA OF
2nd INA OF
Kyle Schmitt 2nd IHSBCA P
3rd INA P
2015 Kyle Schmitt 3rd INA P
2014 Brandon Brittain 1st IHSBCA SS
1st INA Ut.
Zach Forret 2nd INA Inf.
2013 Brandon Brittain 1st INA Inf.
Jake Chevalier 2nd INA Inf.
2012 Brandon Brittain 1st INA Inf.
Jake Chevalier 2nd INA 1B
Logan Crawford 3rd INA OF
2008 Dylan Frascht 1st IHSBCA Ut.
3rd INA Ut.
Marc Murrilo 2nd INA OF
2005 AJ Wright 2nd IHSBCA OF
2004 AJ Wright 2nd INA OF
2003 Kyle Edwards 1st IHSBCA SS
1st INA Inf.
Scott Blue 1st IHSBCA SS
2nd INA Inf.
2001 Caleb Barber 2nd IHSBCA
2000 Nate Shipman 1st INA
1st Des Moines Register
1999 Nate Shipman 2nd INA
1998 Nate Shipman 2nd IHSBCA
2nd INA
Aaron Perez 2nd IHSBCA
2nd INA
1997 Aaron Perez 2nd IHSBCA